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Investor Relations

Transforming Sales Of Agriculture Machinery​

Farmers First is a game changer in the overseen supply chain for agriculture machines, an important part of the value chain for food production; different and unique.  
We challenge industry giants with a sustainability-driven business model for agriculture machines, endorsed by key players in the industry. The solution is a tech-driven business model innovation, with vital parts patent pending, and with the capability to disrupt a European multi-billion Euro market. 

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with investors close to the industry sharing our vision to solve an increasing industry problem. As an early-stage growth company with a clear route to profitability we are standing in front of our Series A. 
Farmers First offers a game-changing investment in agriculture. With a unique model challenging industry giants, we introduce sustainability through a local service network and a digital, multi-brand channel. After a breakthrough in December 2023, we're gearing up for expansion, seeking SEK 60 million in Spring 2024. Don't miss this early entry to be part of our transformative journey.

~ Anders Fridlund & Roger Wahlberg

Why Farmers First?

Food production and farming will be essential for food supply and self-sufficiency throughout Europe (also applicable for North America). It is an industry that must adapt to climate smart methods, contribute to self-sufficiency, and it copes well with recessions. Farmers First can deliver at a lower cost than the traditional supply chain, and with improved customer experience. With the industry’s gross margin, a profitable business is generated already at a modest volume.

Farmers First is the only known change agent in this field, and is welcomed by manufacturers, retailers, and farmers. An excellent opportunity.