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A new machine sales platform

Farmers First digitalizes the sales of agricultural machinery in collaboration with workshops all over the country.

Choose a machine when it suits you

Correct and sufficient information about machines around the clock, easy to schedule time with someone who can assist, and we aim to see more brands available nationwide.

Buying a machine

Choose a machine, maintenance plan, financing, and workshop - all in one place. Launching shortly!"

Easy to buy spare parts

You can find the parts catalog with exploded views and prices on your phone, a simpler way to purchase spare parts!

Right assistance when needed

Well-trained mechanics with support from Farmers First and the factory's experts.

Maintenance in check

Well-maintained machines don't stand idle. That's why a maintenance plan comes with your new machine, and you can easily set up existing ones.

Better Machine €conomy

Efficient maintenance enhances machine reliability, extends lifespan, reduces costs, and increases resale value.

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About us

Creates conditions for fair and sustainable farming!

Farmers First is based on the needs of the machine owner. We offer a transparent, simple and safe machine business with local anchoring near you - always with the interests of the machine owner in focus. Farmers First creates innovative conditions for fair and sustainable agriculture.