Solutions for those who work with professional turf care.

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We put the greenkeeper's needs first!

Farmers First want to give you the opportunity to find the right machines, spare parts and solutions for your golf facility. We have put together an offer of machines, tools, financing and aftermarket solutions that are interesting for today's and future's turf care.

You get access to modern digital maintenance plans, competitive spare parts and accessory options. Last but not least, the opportunity to build your own machines, compare different machines and order. All in peace and quiet from your workplace. At the same time, we provide full freedom to choose the service, financing and control that suits your facility. In short, we give you the tools to support your facility now and well into the future.

Our suppliers are passionate and innovative manufacturers such as: ATT-InfinicutGKBTM SystemsRoberineGradenConver, Q8EuropartBatteribolagetTimac and more.