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For the agriculture of the future

For us, it is important to contribute to a sustainable future and efficient agriculture. Our new solutions reduce emissions and consumption of materials, contribute to sustainable competition in the market and enable more manufacturers to reach the market with innovative machines that make food production more efficient.


Innovations make it more efficient 

With innovative machines available, we can find the right machine for the job and streamline our work in the fields. An implement that can do several things in the same crossing reduces emissions while you get less soil compaction.

Competitive market

For the future of the industry

Today, the prices of machinery and tools in the agricultural industry are increasingly increasing due to too little competition. The ones affected by this are the farmers, which leads to increased production costs and thus more expensive food prices. By opening up a marketplace that lets more brands into the market, we can increase competition, drive the development of innovative machines and create functioning value chains for all parties, manufacturers, workshops, farmers and consumers.

Machine life time

Machines that last longer and when it matters!

Our maintenance service was developed to make food production more efficient and contribute to fewer downtimes, which leads to a better environmental effect and a better yield on the harvest. In addition, a well-maintained machine lasts longer and increased lifespan of the machines leads to fewer new machines, which is positive for the environmental impact.

Material consumption

Manufactering starts with customer order

Our idea is based on machines being manufactured when an order comes in. This means that we are able to offer a larger range of models without storage restrictions. In addition, machines will not be manufactured unnecessarily, which reduces material consumption.