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Focus on your efficiency

Fewer malfunctions and better resale value, these are just some of the benefits you can enjoy by using Farmer's First Maintenance.

If you take care of the ongoing maintenance well, you can use your tool or machine longer. By performing preventive maintenance measures, it is possible to avoid downtime and repairs that are both expensive and time consuming.

If you have also used Farmers First and logged your maintenance, you have made a bet to get paid well if you decide to sell or replace it in the future. Your digital, verified, maintenance log is therefore a valuable document.

When farming is your passion

Farmers First keeps track of maintenance so you can focus on the other. Machine maintenance can feel heavy and tedious to carry out, even though it is important from both an economic and safety point of view. It may not be the most fun to have to keep track of all the user manuals available and paper to sort. With Farmers First, it becomes easier and more user-friendly to keep track of machine maintenance so that it is more fun to carry out.

As a farmer, you need to have knowledge in a lot of different areas, everything from economics, to animal husbandry and much more, which makes it harder to find the time for machine maintenance. Therefore, Farmers First Maintenance should make it easier for you to keep track of your maintenance so that you can keep track of the other.

Order & control

Taking care of and maintaining your fleet of machines is a complex and difficult task, not least in a busy working day, with many employees and even more machines or tools which, on a medium-sized farm, would mean a thousand maintenance measures in a year. Farmers First keeps all maintenance in mind for you so that it becomes both smoother and easier for your business to distribute the work between the employees and to log the maintenance. It makes it possible for everyone, even the service workshop, to have access to the same information.

Safety & working environment

Implementing maintenance measures increases safety and strengthens the work environment. Maintenance measures are important financially and to be time efficient, but they are also important for safety and the working environment. Agriculture is at the top as one of the most dangerous workplaces, and in Sweden, on average, one and a half tractors burn per day. By ensuring that maintenance is done, and having it logged, you prevent accidents and strengthen the work environment. Having everything logged allows you to check that it is done, and if necessary show that it is done.

Information & users

With Farmers First, you can easily connect users to machines within the business. Only those who are connected to the business have access to the information.

With many employees and even more tools and machines, it can be nice to distribute the machines and the responsibility for their maintenance to different people. Therefore, it is possible to connect users to machines so that all employees do not have to see all the machines in the business. This makes it easier to find the machine and keep track of the machines that the employees themselves use.

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