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Service providers

Find your nearest service provider!

We collaborate with established service providers across the country to have a reliable network ready to take care of your machinery. Once you have created an account and registered your company, you can see which service provider is closest to you. The list of service providers will automatically appear on this page when you are logged in.

KRONE BiG M 450 CV at Agrizon Maskin AB in Ekeby!

Join workshop foreman Jacob Nilsson at Agrizon Maskin AB in Ekeby as he receives a delivery of the self-propelled mower conditioner KRONE BiG M 450 CV, purchased by a customer from us at Farmers First. They provide support with repairs, spare parts, and assistance during machine purchases throughout the machine's lifetime!

(Open the video in Youtube for English subtitles.)


Annual service, repairs, spare parts, and more!

Annual service at the service provider is included
For the larger machines we sell, a service agreement is included. The service provider you choose for your new machine is responsible for performing an annual service on the machine during the fall or winter.

On-site or workshop repairs
Even on new machines, accidents can occur. If this is the case, our service providers have the ability to perform repairs both in the workshop and on the farm with service van.

Purchase your spare parts from the service provider
Our service providers have access to our entire range of spare parts and can assist you in obtaining the parts you need. Additionally, they can keep spare parts in stock and gladly accept your requests for which parts you want to have available on stock during the season.

We understand how important it is to have the right parts on hand when the machine is needed the most. Therefore, we recommend that you have important parts with you in the tractor or on the shelf on the farm to quickly solve problems if something happens. We are happy to help you select the most important parts to include in what we call the PRO kit - a kit with the most important spare parts to quickly get back up and running when needed.

Training for workshop personnel
We have continuous training opportunities on the machines for our service providers. When needed, we are there to provide support, and we can quickly get assistance directly from the experts at tge factory.

Improved machinery economics with maintenance service
Our service providers use our Maintenance Service to log everything they do on your machine. This allows you as a customer to have full transparency in the work they perform on the machine, and you can also save receipts, links to spare parts, and other important documentation there. If you need help getting started with maintenance of the machines at home on the farm, both we and your service provider can assist with that.

The service provider handles warranty and complaint cases
Our service providers take care of your warranty and complaint cases. They perform an inspection of the machine and then forward the case to us at Farmers First for further handling.

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We are here to answer your questions! Contact us via, alternatively via our booking page where you can get a deeper overview of the machine over a video call by a product specialist.

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