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How do I get started?

It can be difficult to find the time to get acquainted with something new. To make it easier, we have collected seven tips on when there are good opportunities to get started with Farmers First Maintenance. Here are some examples to help you get started.

Machine that runs every day

Start by setting up a weekly maintenance for this machine, this would make it to last longer and not decrease in value as quickly. Decide on a day of the week when to do it. You are reminded that it should be done, what you should definitely do and can follow that it has been done. Set up a machine and maintenance plan today, and enrich the activities while you do the maintenance tomorrow. If you take photos directly on the machine, you do not even need to access the manual.

When maintenance is simple and routinely

The maintenance of, for example, in-house equipment such as feeding and fertilization may in many cases be routine and responsible for by one person. This makes the job easier when the maintenance plan is to be developed because you already know what you are doing, and by having the maintenance in the app, it is easier to hand over the responsibility to a colleague. Lay up the equipment and make the maintenance plan now so that you can hand over the responsibility and be sure that the right things are done. And if you have co-owned machines, the collaboration will be easier if you have agreed on a maintenance plan and can see that everyone takes care of the maintenance.

When you do the annual service

When you or the service workshop are still running the annual service, it is a perfect situation to set up the maintenance plan, then you get two things done at the same time. In addition to a machine that has received the right annual service, you get a good service book that shows that the major service occasions are carried out in the right way and at the right time.

The machine that must never stop

There are a number of machines, such as the baler and the combine, which carry large losses if they were to stop. Such a machine is extra important to take care of the preventive maintenance on so that you can avoid value reductions or that the harvest is destroyed. Start by setting up the intervals before and after the season to ensure that the machine is ready.

Get help from the machine enthusiast

Is there anyone on the farm who has a little extra interest in machines? An assignment to start drawing up maintenance plans may be extra motivating. If there is no one on the farm, talk to your favorite mechanic. Getting help to get started pays off.

When buying a new machine

Take the opportunity to ask your workshop to produce a maintenance plan for your new machine before it is time to start driving it. This way you get started from the first hour of the machine and can log all maintenance immediately.

When to train a new colleague

A good time to get started is when you still need to train a new colleague. Either you set up the maintenance plan and enrich it so that you use Farmers First Maintenance as documentation for the new colleague, or you get the maintenance plan in place as part of the training.