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Perfect cut every time

The Infinicut machines are developed by European greenkeepers for European greenkeepers. With setting options that are logical for those who use the machines. They can vertical cut, ultra groom, vibro-brush and cut plantains with the Razor blades found on the replaceable TMSystem cassetts.

How to change cassetts

Customer References


"Three things that really stand out to me about the INFINICUT® machines – one is the battery life, another is the versatility but perhaps the biggest is the balance. The floating head reads the pitch, every camber, every little movement and the whole team is very impressed with that and it shows in the quality of the finish."
- Karl Standley


"These are some of the most prestigious tennis courts in the world, so we want the best equipment to help us maintain championship performance. We've seen an improvement in the quality of the playing surfaces since we started using INFINICUT® cylinder cutters."
- Neil Stubley


"INFINICUT® cylinder mowers have allowed us to improve our overall productivity. This has allowed the crew to focus more on the extra detail work that takes us from good to good."
- Jeff Miller