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Get started Company

Step by step

Here you will find all the information you need to get started, step by step, with Farmers First Maintenance. When you set up your company, you automatically get the Company Manager permission, then you can set up machines, manage them, invite your employees as Users and connect them with machines. Also watch the video below if you want to know more and in detail about the different functions in the app.


Create a user ID

The first step is to create an account, you do it easily via the link below. In your profile you can then add your own profile picture and adjust your personal information. Here you can also see your company connections if you have more than one business connected to Farmers First and switch between these.

Watch a short instructional video here.

Step 2

Set up the business

When you have registered as a user, you log in, set up your business and must then identify yourself via BankID. The companies you are connected to will then appear and you choose what you want to post. Then click on "Review" and check that the information is correct. If any information would not be correct, you can write this in a comment, then you approve that the company is registered and click on "Create".

After this, Farmers First will set up your business (normally takes a day) and then you're up and running! Via the link below, you can easily find your business page so that you can start loading machines or tools.

Watch a short instructional video here.

stEP 3

Add Machines

Setting up tools and machines is easy. Start by selecting a few machines to get started. The more tools and machines you put up, the easier it will be. You add tools and machines to your company settings. If you have a photo of the machine or implement, the serial number, the registration number, a photo of the meter reading and the instruction manual close at hand, it is easier to get started.

Click below to add your first implement or machine and create your first maintenance plan.

Watch a short instructional video here.

Step 4

Create maintenance plans

Design your maintenance plans according to your business and how you use your machines. You can initially make simpler to-do lists and then gradually develop and improve your maintenance plans based on your needs and, for example, add pictures from the instruction books. With the help of the proposed maintenance measures, you can adapt the care to your specific needs and conditions. Feel free to prepare before you start so it goes both quickly and smoothly. Of course, you can also, if you want, change and adjust your maintenance plans.

Watch a short instructional video here.
Once you have loaded an implement or machine, you can create a maintenance plan. It is good to have the instruction manual as a support for what maintenance and service the manufacturer recommends.

• Select a maintenance interval, such as 10 hours, weekly, 500 hours or annually.
• For each time interval, there are a number of generic suggestions for maintenance measures. Click on the ones that fit your machine based on the instruction manual and your needs.
• Add photos or instructions on how to perform the action, and then select whether to check off or verify with photos.
• Continue with the next time interval. The maintenance intervals add so that if you have measures for, for example, 10 hours and 100 hours, the maintenance measures at 100 hours are in addition to what has been done with every 10 hours of maintenance. When done, press to Summary.
• Review the summary of the maintenance plan you create and press either Edit to change or Confirm to proceed.
• The maintenance plan you created is now visible. You can go in and edit the plan as long as maintenance is performed on time. If the maintenance status of the machine turns yellow or red, maintenance must be performed before the maintenance schedule can be changed.
• When the maintenance plan is complete, you can access the implement or machine, click on Setup and add the users who will be able to see the current machine.

Step 5

Invite your colleagues

As a company manager, you easily add users and connect them to various implements and machines. It could be your colleagues or the mechanics at your workshop. You determine and allocate responsibility for each unit. Add users by clicking the "ADD +" button. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite. Specify which authorization should apply: Company manager = full access or User = access to assigned implements and machines. Also specify whether the user should be connected to all machines or not (you can later connect each user to specific devices). When you have made your choices, click "INVITE". Your colleague will then shortly receive an email with information and instructions to get started.

Watch a short instructional video here.

stEP 6

Download app

The next step is to download the Farmers First app. The app is free and you can find it on Google Play and the App Store.

Then enter your login details, the same as on the website, and log in. Once logged in, you have a number of different options for managing your tool or machines:

• Perform maintenance.
• Log operation.
• Report time and units. Document faults or problems, repairs, upgrades or costs.
• See information about your chosen workshops.
• Go to the administration pages on the web.

Watch a short instructional video here.

Step 7

Choose machine

Start by clicking the button CHOOSE IMPLEMENT | MACHINE.

The tools and machines you have access to are listed and you can easily select them by clicking on the right tool or machine.

Once you have selected the implement or machine, the next step is to perform maintenance.

Watch a short instructional video here.

Step 8

Log maintenance

To perform and register maintenance on your implement or machine, click on the symbol with the wrench and screwdriver. You will now get an overview of your selected implement or the maintenance status of the machine and can see which actions should be performed and / or which are planned next. You can also see previously performed actions in the activity log.

To register your maintenance, select the maintenance occasion (interval) you want to work with. The actions that are linked to the maintenance time are listed. You mark an action as completed by clicking on it (the action is highlighted in green). Some actions require photo verification and you will be prompted to take a photo. You can also add your own comments.

When you are done and have selected all actions, click "REPORT". If you have not had time to complete all the actions, you can just click "SAVE". You can then come back and complete the remaining actions at a later time.

Watch short instructional video to register operation and perform and log maintenance.