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Tip - Combine

Pick up the thresher before the harvest!

Before the season, it is important to check your combine so that it is ready for work. Here we suggest some maintenance activities that can be done before the season starts.
  • Start by preparing the combine and assembling parts that were picked off during the off-season!
  • Are the combine's batteries charged? Is the electrolyte level correct?
  • Check all functions of the combine.
  • Check that the cutting table is parallel to the ground. Are combine tire air pressures equal and correct?
  • Check fire extinguishing system and/or fire extinguisher. Preferably 2 approved fire extinguishers!
  • Make sure the combine lighting and turn signals are working. Don't forget the table trolley!
  • Is the combine's work lighting good? Check, be sure to replace the lighting if it is not good. LED lighting consumes less power and provides better light.
  • Refuel and AdBlue. Check that there is fuel at home on the farm.
  • Make sure there are wear parts for cutting boards and straw choppers at home!
  • Once the season has started, rough clean the combine in the field and empty the stone pocket after completing the field or work shift. Compressed air makes cleaning easier when the thresher is hot!
  • Blow clean in the engine compartment and the engine radiator.
  • Clean/wash the cab windshield every morning and clean out the cab! Clean the cab filter from threshing dust.
  • Never ever do any maintenance/repair work without turning off the combine engine first!
  • Secure the raised threshing table during maintenance/repair work under the cutting table!

Remember that it can be good to have some wearing parts on the combine with you. The grease gun and an extra grease cartridge should be included. An oil can is also good to have with you in the field.

Now you're ready for the season and you know that you can easily add these points to Farmers First Maintenance Service to make it easier to keep track of maintenance!