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Tip mower crusher

Prepare the mower for the season!

Is your mower ready for the season? We have collected our best tips on what maintenance can be done to minimize the risk of downtime.
  • Check that the mower's traction device is correct before connecting the mower to the tractor.
  • If the mower deck is carried, check the tractor's 3-point lift. Inspect the PTO shaft guard.
  • If the mower is towed, check the tire pressure on the mower.
  • If the mower has a control box, check the functions.
  • Check the ground pressure and setting of the mower.
  • If the mower has lighting, check the running lights, turn signals and work lights.
  • Load up the shelves in the workshop with extra knives and crushers.
  • Once the season has started, clean the mower in the field after finishing work
  • Never do any maintenance or repair work without turning off the tractor's engine.
  • Secure raised mower deck during maintenance and repair work.

Now you're ready for the season and you know that you can easily add these points to Farmers First Maintenance Service to make it easier to keep track of maintenance!