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Press Release

We are the official distributors of GrainSense in Sweden!

We can now tell you that Farmers First has become the official distributor of GrainSense in Sweden, a new technology that gives you the opportunity to have your own laboratory in the silo, on the combine or in your hand out in the fields.
GrainSense provides farmers with a quick and accurate measurement of the moisture, protein, carbohydrate and oil content of their crops, providing better control over harvesting, storage and feeding decisions. The device is easy to use and connects to the GrainSense cloud service that stores all data.
"We are excited to partner with GrainSense to bring this innovative technology to Swedish farmers," said Roger Wahlberg, founder of Farmers First. "The GrainSense Analyzer is an excellent addition to our product portfolio, and we are confident that it will help farmers optimize their crops and increase profitability.” With this new partnership, the company is prepared to meet the growing demand for technical solutions for agriculture in Sweden.
"Like us, Farmers First has a goal to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of farmers," said Riku Niemelä, CEO of GrainSense. "We are happy to work with them to reach the market in Sweden and help more farmers to optimize their operations." The GrainSense Analyzer is now available to order via Farmers First's online store and of course you get help getting started and service is handled by their network of workshops around the country. For more information, visit our website or contact Farmers First by phone number 040-22 32 50 alternatively

About Grainsense

GrainSense is a Finnish AG-tech company specializing in grain analysis measuring devices to use in field, on the combine or in the silo at the farm. The GrainSense Analyzer enables farmers to quickly and accurately measure the moisture, protein, carbohydrate and oil content of their crops. With this information, farmers can make data-driven decisions about harvesting and drying.