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- So nice that we can now spend our time on the right things!

This is how Calle and Wille think at the traditional Berga Säteri in Södermanland, when we ask them what they think is the best thing about Farmers First.

Calle von Stockenström and Wille von Stockenström in front of one of Berga manor's four tractors.

At the historic Berga manor in Södermanland, preparations for the upcoming spring farm are in full swing. There are many tools and machines that need to be overhauled to achieve optimal operation. In addition to four tractors, the machine park also includes forwarders, threshers, seed drills, harrows, cultivators, sprayers and manure spreaders.

At the time of writing, there are four machine operators who work with driving and maintaining the tools and machines, so there are many who need to stay informed about what is to be done and what has been done. This is where Farmers First comes in and gives a helping hand.

- Before we drove Farmers First, we could spend a whole day figuring out what the tire size is on a specific machine before a tire change, but with Farmers First we all have access to this info, right in our pocket. It saves us a lot of time.

3 best things about Farmers First according to Calle and Wille
- The opportunity to be able to collect your entire machine park, in a simple system that you always have with you. That's really good!

- The top that you can work directly from your mobile and add comments and pictures when you log your maintenance.

- So nice to create a complete history of all their tools and machines. This makes it easier to follow costs and distribute the work of driving and maintaining the machines and implements.

Det är många maskiner och redskap som ska ha tillsyn på Berga säteri. Här får tröskan en stund i solen i samband med sin säsongsöversyn.
The opportunity to be able to gather your entire machine park, in a simple system that you always have with you. It's great!

Calle von Stockenström, Berga Säteri

This is how Berga Säteri works with Farmers First

At Berga Säteri, they have chosen to set up all tools and machines in Farmers First. In this way, they are aware of and can:

  • See the current status of their tools and machines.
  • Work preventively with maintenance. Follow costs related to machine maintenance.
  • Keep the team informed of completed and upcoming actions.
  • Distribute the maintenance work among themselves.