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Exceptionally reliable grain analysis instantly, anywhere.


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Maximize yield and increase profitability

GrainSense analyzes the content of protein, moisture, oil and carbohydrates - the most important indicators of grain quality that farmers, seed producers and plant breeders need to make important decisions in time. With GrainSense's advanced technology, you don't have to wait for laboratory results or use complicated and expensive equipment. It will also be a very important function for farmers with animal production and their own grain in the feed to be able to continuously measure the protein in order to minimize the purchase of expensive protein supplements.

A laboratory in your hand

The GrainSense Analyzers are based on the patented and globally proven GrainSense measurement technology to measure protein, moisture, oil and carbohydrates from stable grain kernel samples. This Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) technology uses a 360° light penetration method (integrating sphere) that allows exceptionally reliable results to be measured with small sample sizes in a short time.


GrainSense Analyzer 

The GrainSense Analyzer is the perfect solution for those who want fast and accurate measurement of crops. With this battery-operated handheld device, you can measure the moisture, protein carbohydrat and oil content of a mature crop using the same technology as in the lab - right in the field! This allows you to make quick and accurate decisions, anywhere, regarding which field to harvest first, storage and sale of your crops.

GrainSense Flow Analyzer

The GrainSense Flow Analyzer is installed on a combine or silo/dryer elevator. Via a grain inlet and outlet system, grain constantly flows through the GrainSense Flow sensor, where real-time analysis is performed. Measurement data is sent to the GrainSense Cloud, enabling the farmer to monitor the measured results in real time and make better decisions to maximize crop quality and profitability.

GrainSense Benchtop Analyzer

The GrainSense Benchtop Analyzer is connected to a PC with USB and a GrainSense license. It is easy to use and maintain and has no moving parts that would be prone to breakage. This new solution has already received enormously positive feedback in advance presentations. It really is something the market has been waiting for!

Cloud service

Everything is saved digitally!

Grain data is sent to the cloud via your bluetooth-connected smartphone. Monitor results in your dashboard on your PC when logged into or in the mobile app. In the cloud, you can find easy-to-use maps and GPS markers to compare crops and locations over time - and you can share the results with others.

See how it works

Fast, reliable and easy!

In this video you can hear more about how GrainSense works and may help you to grow your business.

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