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Automate farming

ROBOTTI is an autonomous implement carrier for agriculture, designed and built in Denmark. ROBOTTI is controlled autonomously by a computer and is not dependent on a human driver. Based on your inputs, it calculates and navigates itself and ROBOTTI works hour after hour - even on weekends, following an optimized route in the field. Robotti has a standard 3-point lift installed. This allows the robot to use several different implements throughout the season. The working width between the modules is standard 3 meters but can be adapted to the farmer's needs.

Special offer when purchasing a Demo machine

Robotti 150 D

When purchasing a demo machine, you currently receive a 10% discount on the regular price of SEK 1,999,000. This means that you can now buy a Robotti with a width of 3.5 meters where the price includes, among other things:

• a safety package with pressure-sensitive bumper
• GNSS based feature boundary "GeoFence"
• service agreement of 3 years
• introduction and commissioning of machines
• surveillance package with front and rear cameras

If you also choose to become an ambassador customer for Farmers First for 3 years, you get an additional 5% discount on the regular price.

List price: From SEK 1,999,000

Demo machine: SEK 1,799,100

Demo machine - ambassador customer: SEK 1,699,100
Financing: from SEK 20,471/month

*Leasing period 36 months, first increased leasing fee 10%, residual value 55%, based on Stibor 90 days.

See how it works

  • "SET and GO" autonomy in the field: ROBOTTI can perform field operations for you - without a driver. It can work independently day and night, 24/7.
  • Precise operation for tighter margins: RTK-GNSS (GPS) positioning gives ROBOTTI 1-2cm accuracy in the field. ROBOTTI runs in exactly the same place every time. Precision that is often absolutely necessary in production with cultivation beds.
  • Engineered with components your mechanics already know: With Kubota diesel engines, ROBOTTI's power is never in doubt. Engine maintenance is easy and parts are widely available.
  • Safe by design: ROBOTTI has several safety systems. You can leave ROBOTTI to work with confidence and it will notify you when it has completed the job.
  • Simple coupling and power transmission: As standard, ROBOTTI has a 3-point linkage and the ROBOTTI 150D has a power take-off (PTO). This means universal compatibility.
  • Less ground pressure, healthy soil: ROBOTTI weighs around 3,000 kg lightly. Compared to conventional tractors, ROBOTTI works with much lower ground pressure.

Strawberries Weeding

Cabbage Weeding