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About us

Creates conditions for fair and sustainable farming!

Farmers First was founded in 2020 by Roger Wahlberg and Anders Fridlund. With long experience in the agricultural industry, we decided that a change was needed and the result was a new distribution channel for machine sales that puts the farmer's needs and interests in focus. Our goal is to create efficient and good solutions for the farmer that make it easier to own and buy machines.

The digital machine purchase of the future

We are building a platform where you as a farmer can find all the information you need to complete a machine purchase. Find information, configure your own machine, choose a financing agreement, choose a workshop that performs the machine's maintenance and get an offer, all in one place!

An open online store

Effective machine ownership also means that it is easy to find spare parts and accessories. In our online store, you can easily search for the article number on your old spare part to find the same product or similar ones from other manufacturers. That makes it easy to compare both price and product!

Maintenance that improves machine economy

When you buy a machine from us, you get a customized maintenance plan. By following it, you can streamline production and increase the chances that it will work when it should, maintain resale value and avoid downtime.

A change in the market

Agriculture is an important social function and Farmers First aims to create effective and good solutions for the farmer. It must be possible to choose the right machine for the job in order to make a farm more efficient. Competition on the market is something we know is good for the farmer to get better conditions, prices and opportunities.

Sustainability for future agriculture

For us, it is important to contribute to a sustainable future and efficient agriculture. Our new solutions reduce emissions and consumption of materials, contribute to sustainable competition in the market and enable more manufacturers to reach the market with innovative machines that make food production more efficient.

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